Quote Icontwo main trends manifest themselves in utopian thought throughout the ages. One seeks the happiness of mankind through material well-being, the sinking of man’s individuality into the group, and the greatness of the State. The other, while demanding a certain degree of material comfort, considers that happiness is the result of the free expression of man’s personality and must not be sacrificed to an arbitrary moral code or to the interests of the state (1950: 2)
Journey Through Utopia, Marie Louise Berneri
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Dear Traditional Home,

Are you implying that modernism causes substance abuse? Granted, you may have a point. But, I would ask that you refrain from looking into my private spaces. What I choose to do in my own living room is between me and my cats.

Not in my Neighborhood - Coffee with an Architect

Hilarious email exchange between a ‘modern’ and ‘traditional’ house. 

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With regards to my previous post: This.

When I saw the title of this weeks costing the earth I thought it would be a great listen. Instead it turned out to be awful reactionary pap. The spokesperson for Architects was unbelievable - dismissing living in small dwellings on H&S and mental health grounds. What? Didn’t we evolve living in small dwellings? Maybe we evolved beyond them some time in the last century and can now only live in 2up/2downs? Or maybe the spokesperson should get some perspective and realise that the majority of people in the world live in small dwellings. Just because you are british doesn’t mean you’ll crack up if you live in a little house. It doesn’t need to be one of the other. Choice is good. Angry face!